The Hotter Months So Far

So I said that I was going to blog over the summer, but less frequently as during the summer.  I mean technically I do not have to, but anytime I get some writing published online it makes my bachelor’s degree in Journalism seem somehow a bit more worthwhile.

Most people in the Fisher MLHR program are all over the country and globe working their internships.  I am doing my internship with Student Life Human Resources at the university.  Throughout the year, I work for University Residences and Dining Services which is a branch of the Office of Student Life.  Whereas I normally work with issues related to just Dining Services, this summer I am helping out with bigger projects with Student Life in general, and not my particular branch.  So far, I have been helping with creating the Orientation that every single student who gets a job within the Office of Student Life are required to complete, and organizing qualitative data from focus groups that were conducted about the student employee experience to name just a couple of things.

In addition, I am also taking summer classes.  Emphasis on the plural.  As in like the normal 12 credit hours that we take throughout the year.  Why?  My internship is only 30 hours a week, so I have the opportunity to do so.  Second, as I have told most people, I need to keep at the same “Grad School Garren” pace so that I will have the mental stamina to keep up with this program for another year.  I seriously think that if I were to have an academic vacation over the summer that it would have turned into a permanent vacation.  Because of this, I do not think I will have as hard of a time coming back to classes as everyone else in the fall, but for the fact that classes officially started last week and I have an exam tomorrow, I am currently kind of kicking myself.

So as far as to what I am taking:

Introduction to Counseling

This is an upper division undergraduate course (so I feel super old) – and also cross listed as a graduate course.  It will be over in 3 weeks (hence why I am already taking exams).  I thought it would be a good class in the whole employee relations and counseling coworkers field.  However, they do not teach you how to counsel.  However, it does count as an elective and is pretty interesting.  It is weird that I have class 2 days AND in the morning, but that will help me prepare to get in that schedule for one of the classes I am taking in the fall.

Managerial Negotiations

This is my only class with Fisher.  It is mainly composed of WPMBAs.  I am pretty sure I am the youngest one in the class, but there are some familiar MLHR faces.  I am really interested in the topic.  It is slightly intimidating that it is not an MLHR class, and I am kind of nervous to speak up (not out of being shy but out of not wanting to say something stupid and the MBAs to see me as that “dumb HR person”).  We have discussion groups for every class.  Of my group, there is another MLHR, but I am the only one who does not have a full-time job, professional experience, a spouse, or children…so once again weird.  However, I think I am going to like this class, because it is so different from the other courses I have taken so far.

Teaching Adults Online

This is an online class (don’t be fooled…it is just as jam packed as any other graduate level course at Fisher).  I thought it would be a good class, since I have not taken Training and Development yet.  Also, for the fact that EVERYTHING in the business world is using technology to improve their businesses, it will be nice to have this class under my belt when I do take T & D.

Other than that I have been having a decent summer.  Definitely not the blast I had last summer (this is the first time I have ever taken summer classes EVER), and the few friends I still have in Columbus are leaving me to go be adults.  I believe this will encourage me to be less antisocial next year!