Signs the End Is Near…

The world was supposed to have ended this week. Clearly that didn’t happened, or someone has failed to tell me I’m in an alternate universe still pounding out grad-life blogs. Shouldn’t I be doing something more productive than that, like finding potable water?

But I digress. It is also getting to the end of the school year. In fact, today is the last school day for my kids. One will be enjoying movies and fun day while the other gets to go to a Clipper’s game. I wish the last week of each quarter were like this. So, without looking at the academic calendar, how do you know the end is near?

1. You have gone through all five stages of grief with your project team(s). It starts with denial: “Oh my god, we’ll never finish this project.” Moves on to anger: “You have got to be kidding me! When will we get this done?” Throw in a few words for your professor here. And then there is bargaining, usually with your team members. “OK, if you can just knock out sections 2-18, I’ll do #1.” “That’s not gonna work for you?” This quickly makes its way into bouts of depression. That stage typically hits me around week five or six. “I don’t want to do this. Wahahahaha.” And finally, by now, we’ve all moved onto acceptance. The project must go on! And we celebrate the fact that we will not be spending random weekend hours with each other any time in the near future. Win!

2. The jorts are out! This is really only an end-of-spring-quarter sign, but it’s finally time to bust out the jean shorts, tank tops, flip flops and whatever your favorite type of summer gear might be. I’m usually one of the last ones to rush the summer wardrobe, which is why it is a late-spring quarter sign for me. For others, it just means we’ve made it past the -10 weather of January. Your choice.

3. I’m fantasizing about summer. I saw a rack of books at the store this weekend. I immediately started to hang my head, tell myself that pleasure reading is not possible, repeat, repeat. But wait!!! Yes, there will be time to read this summer, and I’m not talking about reading Porter’s Five Forces or compensation theory. Heck I might even check out a bodice ripper just for pure pleasure.

4. It’s getting harder and harder to study. I like to think of this spring as a blessing. Sure daily rain totals have been measured in inches and the sun is an allusive creature, but gray skies are much better for studying than perfect 80-degree, sunny days. I expect sunshine and lots of it, low on humidity, to make an appearance starting in two weeks. Otherwise, this jungly weather will quickly lose its appeal.

5. Apathy starts to set in. I hate to admit it, but somewhere near the end of the year, there’s a real feeling of “I’m just ready to move onto the summer internship, already.” After spending so much time hunting these internships down, we’re ready to get going. I have started mine already, but I’m excited to really pour myself into a 40-hour workweek. Others are ready to relocate for the summer and find out what this HR world is all about.

6. And finally, the end is near because the Fisher Formal has come and gone. It was a great night at the lovely Columbus Athenaeum. We danced. We laughed. We enjoyed the food and drink. I could go on, but like Vegas, what happens at formal, stays at formal.

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  1. Yes any idea about this. He was just tired and needs to take a couple of weeks of vacation. Sit in a chair and read your favorite book.

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