Worst Golfer Ever

The other night at the VC, Walt came over and gave me this shirt. I had ‘won’ it for being a part of the team that came in last at the WPMBA Golf Scramble that Walt organized with Tim and the WPMBA Council.

We really never stood a chance; our team consisted of:

  • A guy who grew up on a golf course, but had not played in years
  • A guy who had only held a club one other time
  • Myself, who had played a little, but ten years ago
  • A guy who didn’t show up to the scramble at all, leaving us down a man

I concentrated on short, conservative drives, mostly hitting the fairway (and a few times the water) while Chris (who grew up on a golf course) walloped the ball and got some really good drives. He won the longest drive competition, as well. (I think he got a shirt for that one, too.)

I had one really good chip shot, but it was about the sixth time I’d tried. I did get onto the green from the fairway a few times as well.

But none of this could rescue us from the bottom, especially considering there were some really good golfers on several of the other teams. The best team’s score was 63 for the day.

They’re planning another event for Spring, and are trying to make it a more regular event. I hear alumni are welcome as well.

So if you’re a good golfer, you can be on my team next time – I need all the help I can get. If not, you’re still welcome to join in, and you may even come away with a shirt like mine.

One thought on “Worst Golfer Ever”

  1. I’m not good at golf, but what you are taking part in the competition – this is very good. The main thing is not to win – the main part. Besides, if the competition will be held on regulyarony basis – you can prepare better.

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