Ole Columbus Town

This blog is dedicated to the city I love and adore … Columbus, Ohio!  When I first thought of the theme for my next blog, I was inspired by my friends.  Then I tried to see if there were any good facts about how awesome Columbus is.  I know that it is one of the top LGBT friendly cities in America, one of the best places to move for recent college grads, and a number of other facts, but I could not find a website that listed a whole bunch of them.  So instead, I will use my own life to tell you about how awesome Columbus is.

I moved here about five years ago my freshman year of college, and fell in love immediately.  I think a lot of this obviously had a lot to do with Ohio State, but one thing that you will find out is that this entire city has Buckeye fever.  I knew that I really loved this city beginning my sophomore year.  Many of my friends would go home over the summer or over the winter and spring breaks back to their hometowns.  I haven’t spent more than probably 3 weeks back in my hometown in about 4 years.  Every time I do go home, it is always for a very brief time (never the majority of the break time).  Well another reason would be for the fact that my mother does not even really live in my hometown any more, and the one friend I still keep in contact with in high school just recently got a job in Columbus, so basically I do not have any real strong reasons to go back home other than to see my mom.

When I originally applied to graduate school last year, it was for a completely different field.  I loved Columbus, but I had not applied to Ohio State, so I was either going to be living in Athens or Oxford, Ohio (these cities will probably give you a hint of the schools I got rejected from).  On the day I received my diploma, I didn’t get my acceptance letter from Fisher for a little more than a week later.  Once I found out I wasn’t going to those other schools, I was determined to get some type of employment in Columbus if I did not get into graduate school here.  Now that I have had another year in this glorious city, I don’t ever want to leave.

Neither did any of my friends.  One of my good friends, who got her BSBA in HR at Fisher here, desperately tried to find entry level HR jobs in Columbus.  Unfortunately, she could not and ended up getting a job in Chicago.  However, she really misses Columbus, and is waiting until she’s been with her company for a year, before she starts to apply for jobs in Columbus (which should be easier now with some work experience).  Some of my friends had no other option to go home, but they made plenty of visits throughout the year.  Some of my friends even decided to take lower-level jobs just to stay in the city…eventually hoping to get jobs in their field.  One of my friends worked at a dry cleaner until she found at job around this past December, and one of my friends just recently quit her job at Hooter’s and found a marketing job.  The latter friend actually loves Columbus so much that she built a website about it and has gained a following through various social media.

Some of my friends who had to go back home were still determined find some type of employment in this city.  One of my friends just recently got a job in Columbus.  She is going to be a correctional officer, and has to work third shift, and is EXTREMELY happy.  Another acquaintance of mine just got a job at a bar near Polaris, and studying for the LSAT at the mean time (presumably to go Ohio State or Capital University, another school in Columbus, for law school).  They may not have the most ideal jobs, but the point is is that they are thrilled that they get to be back in this city.

This blog really doesn’t highlight any of the Columbus nightlife, restaurants, places to go, or anything like that.  I think actually a lot of the other MLHR bloggers have done a good job with that this year.  I think this shows you how infectious Columbus is, and how it pulls you back.  None of the people I have used as examples were born in Columbus, but they got extremely homesick after 4  years.  It may be harder to get into it as a graduate student and older (sorry but not nearly as fun…but still some good times!), but as for me, I never want to leave.