The Training Wheels Are About to Come Off

In my last blog, I mentioned that the stars had aligned, my prayers were answered and my misadventure of an internship search was over. Yes, someone hired me. Yay!

Two weeks ago I began my co-op as a human resources intern for GE at their lamp plant in Circleville. For most of my classmates, Circleville equals one thing–if it means anything at all–Pumpkin Show. But for me, this is a return to the county where I grew up and the place where most of my family and in-laws still live. Even so, I’ve never worked in a factory before, so the experience is definitely interesting and new.

Thankfully, I’ve received some wonderful training from a graduating MLHR student who was the first to go through an HR co-op in Circleville. In many ways it feels as if she is handing over her baby to me, and the reputation of Fisher MLHR students. I can only hope I don’t let them all down. As she said good bye to the staff last week at a going-away/welcome-aboard reception, it was clear that they respected her work and friendship. I will feel blessed to receive such a warm send off when it’s time for me to flee the co-op nest.

In the meantime, though, I’m still finding my way. This week is my first week without my fellow Fisher friend by my side. In essence, it’s time to rip off the band-aid and dive into the deep end of HR. I’ve heard there may be tears and maybe some rough language. It’s a factory after all and sometimes the going gets rough. I just hope most of the tears won’t be coming from me. As I’ve already been told: There’s no crying in factory work. As for any rough language, well, I’ll just save that for the next staffing quiz.