Random Ramblings (or a quick recap of spring 2011 thus far)

OK, this week I’m shaking it up in the style of some of my favorite co-bloggers, ahem Wes, G and Eric, and I’m going to go with some list-style ramblings. So, here’s what’s been on my mind…

1. Week Five. This is the halfway point of the quarter, with five weeks left to go before the sweet freedom of summertime. Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to refreshing with a summer free of tests, academic readings and Gerlach Hall. But, before we go there are still tests to take, projects to work on and reading, reading, reading.

2. Rain! It’s all anyone talks about anymore. Or, maybe it’s all we see. Every day it rains here, seriously. This is the monsoon season. If you’ve read one or two of my blogs you know I have a few acres. One of the great things about our little hobby farm is its pretty surrounding, rimmed by a winding creek. Well, the 6+ inches of rain this month have transformed this shallow sip of water into a rolling brown river. It’s extra earthy these days thanks to the tons of bank and trees that have fallen into the creek behind my barn. Each day I see the ravine reach closer to my barn and I shudder. And yet, the rain comes. It’s getting epic, folks.

3. Internships. If you’ve got one you are relieved, geeked, and ready to get started. If you don’t have one yet, you are nervous, anxious, and starting to worry. Having interviewed at several companies, I understand the frustration of the internship hunt. I’m thankful that I landed a good internship earlier in the month and started this week. Although I’m still in training, I can honestly say I like what I do. Ya Hoo! I think that means I’ve made the right choice. After the first day on my last job, I went home and cried and begged my husband not to make me go back. It was pitiful. With this job, I’m excited to go to work and learn new things every day. It’s the first week of my new career.

4. Guilt. All the students who are also parents know a lot about guilt. You don’t have dinner with your kids at night because you are enjoying a diet Coke and an Econ lecture. You can’t take them to an afternoon matinee on the weekend because you have yet another staffing quiz to study for, and I mean study. These aren’t just quizzes; these are memory challenges. And let’s face it, once you reach an age over 25, instant recall starts to become a losing game. Anyhow, what was I writing about? Ah, yes, kids and guilt. This week my 8-year-old daughter upped the ante on the guilt game by flinging herself on the hood of my car and begging me not to leave for class. Precious, right? NO! It just makes you feel like a terrible mother. I know I’m not the only parent in the class and to my fellow ‘rents I send a deep hug of support.

5. Groups! How many group projects does it take to graduate? About 5,000. I’ve spent the last two Friday nights whooping it up with my groups discussing compensation and job descriptions. I find myself fortunate to be in two well-balanced, hard-working groups again this quarter. But I have to admit, sometimes I’d rather just go to the dance alone. Everyone in grad school is busy beyond busy so coordinating schedules becomes it’s own nightmare. Just finding the time to meet with your group should be worth at least 10 bonus points in my book. But, this explains why Friday nights are no longer family dinner night out (see point 4 above) and they are group date night.

6. Hair! No, I’m not referring to the musical. I’ve noticed some of my classmates are getting their business-savvy haircuts and they are looking ready to conquer corporate. I’m trying to reign in the frizz that’s caused by countless days of rain. But on a positive note, I’m so happy to say that my mom has hair again! As some readers may know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer right before I started the program. She has gone through radiation and chemo and is now emerging on the other side. She has occasional chemo treatments through September, but they no longer leave her bald and haunted looking. Easter was the first time I saw her without a wig in front of many people, and it was wonderful. Here’s to good hair days ahead, for everyone. 🙂

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