Graduate HR Association elections – cast your votes!

Here at FCOB it’s that wonderful time of year where student organizations elect next year’s executive boards and choose who will take the reins from those of us that are graduating in June. As VP of GHRA it’s been very challenging, yet very rewarding to be involved in planning programs for our members to take part in this past year. Although this statement is guaranteed to sound like it’s dripping with EZ cheese, I’ll say it anyway- being on a student organization’s executive board is certain to provide you with a wealth of personal growth and development opportunities. I strongly encourage every student to think about running for an executive position with any of Fisher’s student organizations.

There are two fantastic first-year MLHR students who are duking it out to fill my position next year and I am cheering both of them on! Easy now, ladies- being on an FCOB executive board isn’t just an amped up version of high school student council. For those unfamiliar with GHRA or this position, here’s a run down of what the VP of a student organization does:

Vice President (VP of External Relations)

  • Oversee execution of mentoring program by:

o   Maintaining a working relationship with the designated HRACO liaison

o   Ensuring the completion of HRACO mentee application forms

o   Training all potential mentees regarding program expectations

o   Coordinating the mentor/mentee matching process

o   Collecting and reviewing mentor and mentee Mentoring Agreement forms

o   Hosting  networking events for mentors and mentees on or off campus

o   Facilitating completion of end-of-year mentoring program evaluations

  • Assist President in regular duties and responsibilities (e.g. acquisition of speakers and planning of summit) that contribute to execution of organizational goals
  • Act as point of contact for incoming students/prospective members
  • Review and revise GHRA bylaws as needed to reflect new organizational goals and changes in operations
  • Oversee completion of annual SHRM Merit Award application by:

o   Creating an ad-hoc committee to assist with the application process if necessary

o   Working with GHRA committees to identify and plan events that fulfill award requirements

This has been an exciting year for GHRA and the new executive board will certainly have the talent and the passion that makes GHRA the premier student organization for all Fisher graduate students with an interest in Human Resources.

Election candidates will be making their pitches to GHRA members and promoting their candidacy during our meeting on April 11th at 5pm. Here’s to an evening of munching on delicious Adriatico’s pizza (this one’s for you, Eric Dosch)  and hearing an array of interesting and diverse candidate platforms! Stay tuned for election results.

Check out GHRA’s mind-blowing, amazing, winning website here:

Oh how I will miss scarfing down Adriatico's pizza at GHRA meetings!