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One of my favorite members of our little MLHR cohort wrote on my Facebook wall one day, giving me guilt SoDak style, better than any yenta could hope to do, about the sad state of my My Fisher Grad Life blog output.  The words “world-famous Wesley D Lin” and “bummed” were thrown around.  Oy.  I could just picture his punim and his disappointment in me.

All I could reply to him was, “It’s ironic, my Fisher grad life has gotten in the way of My Fisher Grad Life Blogging.  I’ll be back at it soon!”  That was March 9th, two full weeks ago.  I guess the meaning of “soon” is open to interpretation.

But here I am, returning at last, the last days of our spring break dwindling down, a spring schedule with a slew of new professors I’ve never had before (gasp!  no Heneman!  No Bendapudi!  my world is upside down), a 26 page syllabus staring me in the face expecting a whole lot of me and the Cohort, and a new chapter of my life beginning anew.  I’ve finally done all the little things I’ve wanted to do, started on the leisure books I wanted to start, made the changes I wanted to effect.  So back to blogging it is!

Some things you can expect from me in the upcoming posts, in no special order:

1) Best breakup mix ever (whether you were the dumper or dumpee, you can pick songs a la carte)

2) How to make the most of your spring cleaning and make it last!

3) What the heck is a Vernal Equinox?

4) Natural allergy remedies

5) How to party down on a patio, Columbus style

6) Where to soak up some sun

7) All about North Market

8) Part II of Eating in the Suburbs

9) Whimsy of Chinese Part III!

10) What I did on my spring vacation

11) Coming full circle in the program

12) Where to get a tennis court in Columbus

13) Being single and staying that way (if that’s what you want)

and more!  So stay tuned and keep keeping me accountable!

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