My favorite online resources

Now that final exams are done, I have time to write about the Internet websites that help me when I need to study, do a paper, or procrastinate.

I discovered this website around the end of my junior year, or sometime around last year, and literally one of the best websites for writing papers.  We all know that we dread writing that long paper for a class.  All of my papers for grad school have been group papers, which have their own pros and cons, but I feel most people find papers daunting due to having to achieve a minimum page length.  It is a lot easier to collectively write a 25-page paper than as an individual.  Still, one of the things I don’t care for about writing papers is when you are finally done writing it, and then you realize you have to still prepare the “works cited” page.  This site does it for you.  You don’t have to do the awkward spacing, make sure you put the correct information in the right order, make sure what’s quoted and what’s italicized, or ANYTHING.  Seriously, it makes doing a bibliography so easy (hence the name).  You have to sign up for an account but it’s FREE (last time I checked it).  Definitely should be in every student’s tool box.

Google Documents

Though I haven’t used this yet (particularly for grad school), I am going to start strongly suggesting my groups to use Google documents for paper writing.  As I have said before, most of my papers have been group papers.  Everyone is submitting their writing into one unified paper.  One of the annoying things that can occur from this is people constantly emailing people back and forth updated and different versions of a paper before the final copy.  I think for my MHR 852 class, the final draft was the 7th version emailed out to everyone.  By using Google Documents, people can upload a document and share it with different people who have Google accounts.  From this, people can go in and add, delete, or make changes to a paper, and it is automatically saved as that version with every person one has shared the document.  For example, if I wanted to make a change in a paper, I would just change it in Google Documents and everyone would see it the next time they logged in.  I wouldn’t have to save that version THEN email it out to everyone.  Changes are made instantly instead of waiting on when the next person emails out their version of the paper.  Plus, it cuts down on all the emailing, which can get annoying at a certain point.

I mean I just love this website in general (and I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before) BUT they do have different mixes, and they do have a “Homework Mix” that plays a lot of classic music that is good to listen to when you want to concentrate and study, but are unable to study in absolute quietness.

This has  a LOT of useful HR information that can be used for various research projects or for new things you may be trying out at work. I tried to avoid having membership with this site, because you have to pay to be a member of the student chapter of  SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) which is the Graduate Student Human Resources Association at Fisher.  (Un)fortunately, they have too many good articles to pass up, so I had to (and you probably have to or will need to) buckle down and get a membership.  Luckily, student membership is only $35 … and regular membership is $180.  It has helped me in class, and with a project I am working on with my internship with employee communications.

Some people find procrastination a serious detriment to studying.  True, I think it is also very necessary to procrastinate (sparingly), because who can really spend 5 hours straight thinking about HR scorecards, confounding variables, and chi-squares (you’ll get this reference next year if you’re in the program)?  I love going to Wikipedia to search for random information about people.  For example, the popularity of spring break comes from the spring break destination Fort Lauderdale in Florida, which was made popular by the Colgate University men’s swim team having practice there over break in 1935 and the movie “Where the Boys Are”.  I love random information that I won’t be tested on just to relieve my brain.  Plus it is a good start in doing research.  Most Wiki sites have references at the bottom for a person to go to, and from those sources, one can find legitimate sources to site in their paper or report.

Well I am going to go back to my awesome spring break in Columbus.  See you spring quarter!