The Million Dollar Questions

Although spring break is nearly here and everyone has VACATION on their minds right now, Fisher will be gearing up for the spring recruiting season as soon as we all come back from the break. For all those who have summer internships secured already, pat yourselves on the back; for all those who are still looking for summer internships, get ready to work what your momma gave you.

Thinking back on the many interviews that I had before accepting Alcoa’s offer, I’m reminded of all the questions that pretty much every single employer asked in some way or another. Whether you’re graduating in June, a first-year in the program, or have just been accepted for the fall 2011 cohort, take a few minutes to think about your answers to these popular questions. You might be surprised by your own answer- or lack of an answer altogether!

1. Why are you studying Human Resources?

Personally, I am one of those over-achieving nerds who keeps a map of the next 5 years of her life in her back pocket at all times. Really- I’m not joking on this one! About 4 months prior to any vacation, my family members and I create a spreadsheet detailing our itinerary for each day of said vacation- so planning is in my blood. But back to the question at hand- in 7th grade we had to shadow someone for the day to see what they did at their job and then write a report about the career prospects for that type of position. I job-shadowed one of my favorite aunts, who was working in human resources, and discovered that HR was my calling (yep, it’s also in my genes). HR combines my talents with my passions and is something that I would want to do even if I won the lottery tomorrow.

2. Why are you at OSU?

I researched schools that offered a B.S. in human resources and decided on Ball State University. I loved what I was learning, but knew that I would need a higher degree in order to have the type of career that I wanted (were there spreadsheets and planning documents involved in this decision? yes!). After my first year of undergraduate studies, I started researching schools that offered a master’s degree in human resources and here I am today- one quarter away from graduation! I picked OSU because I fell in love with Columbus and the campus- sometimes you just know when a choice is the right one for you. Fisher was my kind of school- of all the schools that I applied to, OSU was the first one that I heard back from and the one that consistently reached out to me with recruiting materials. I wasn’t even a student there yet, but Fisher staff members treated me like I was important and valued. As a woman who prides herself on her professionalism with a heavy dose of enthusiasm, I felt that Fisher and I had the same values and that I would find myself most at home here.

3. Tell me about your ideal job in HR.

I’ll answer this one in next week’s post 🙂