Finals week (winter 2011)

It’s finals week. My initial reaction is to cringe. Forget that some classes effectively differentiate on this one exam. Forget that the reward of an entire quarter’s worth of effort may hinge upon a couple hours. Heck, you can even forget the fact that you’ll be studying ridiculous amounts of time just to combat the cascading effects of relative grading. I think I cringe because I won’t be in class learning interesting ideas and working with some of the best friends I’ve come to know and respect.

Take, for instance, my financial statement analysis class; group work was a considerable portion of the curriculum. Besides learning a great deal about how financial analysts approach stock valuation (fascinating stuff, in my opinion), I was able to learn with some of the best minds the accounting program attracted this year. I cannot say enough to express how impressed and lucky I was to work with them. Professor Van Buskirk truly wants students to understand the material and it’s reflected in his actions and teaching style. Finally, the multifarious backgrounds of the students in the class (accountants were in the minority) added value and insight to the study. I will genuinely miss the dividends I receive from my undoubtedly meager contributions to this class.

For those of you who are future MAcc buckeyes, you will no doubt have the pleasure of getting to learn from Professor Arya in his required (rightfully so) accounting foundations class. I’m sure most share my sentiments when I state that the class expands the student’s understanding to new horizons. The class also involves a good deal of group work and I was able to once again glean far more than I could impart. My group members were reliable and always had a spring in their step.

Finals week takes that away. My greatest consolation is that after a week of (spring) breaking, I will have the opportunity to do it all over again. Here’s to wishful thinking!