Busy as a BEE

So do you want to know what the life of a winter quarter first year MLHR student is like?

I’ll tell you.

Yesterday:  Statistics exam.  No one really likes exams, but this is my third stats class, and this is the first time I have ever left the class room without having to fight the urge to kick anything.  I think I actually did a good on the exam (knocking on what I believe to be my wood table).  My hand definitely needed time to uncramp afterward.  It was only on 2 topics but still it was an exam nonetheless.

Today: Research assignment due.  And when I say research assignment I mean take home exam.  My professor claims that she does not believe in standardized testing like midterms and finals.  Fair.  However, the amount of time and mental effort that went into this assignment was exam worthy.  The good thing is at least she won’t have a final during finals week (really good since this class would have had its final exam on Thursday of the last week of the quarter).

Monday: Exam in HR Foundations II.  Unlike the stats exam that was mostly multiple choice with a few short answer, this exam is all blue-book.  Actually, it’s a white book.  Anyways, “blue book exams” are basically extensive essays.  This professor is also the type of professor who will test you on speakers who come into class.  This is actually my favorite class because of Dr. Heneman and Eric “J” Dosch so I’m not even angry.  Also, Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday:  My first event that I am finally putting on for the Ohio Union Activities Board.  I am sort of like the Professional Development Event Chair for the Graduate and Professional committee.  My event I am putting on is “How to Present Research Most Effectively”.  An Instructional Consultant from the University Center of Advancement in Teaching has modified his presentation to help graduate students participating in the Hayes Research Forum (put on by the Council of Graduate Students).  It’s at 12pm and there are FREE TACOS so if you are interested in this topic stop by the Great Hall Meeting Room in the Ohio Union!

The following Friday:  My other event with OUAB “How to Present Outstanding Conference Posters”.  Free sandwiches and also for the Hayes!

Saturday and Sunday from Tuesday:  BUCKEYETHON.  The dance marathon that I have been involved with all year will finally take place.  The last 2 years I participated I had my youth and it was 14 hours from noon-2am.  This year it is 5pm Saturday until 10am Sunday, 3 hours longer, and I think I have to be there at noon that day (I actually might welcome a group meeting before).  We’ve already raised past our goal last year before the dance marathon, and last year was the 1st time we broke the 6-figure mark.  I am really confident that we will be able to make our goal of $150, 000 this year.

BuckeyeThon 2010 Yellow Team with my other Morale Captains

Monday after:  Presentation on Sygma on the HR Scorecard that we made for them.

Wednesday: Stats quiz.

Thursday: Presentation on the research design for Uno on employee absenteeism.

Weekend: MY BIRTHDAY (no one is still allowed to know the actual date or my age).

Basically, I actually welcome turning a year older.  I apologize in advance to anyone in the cohort if I snap, curt, violently break out in shakes, or collapse out of nowhere.  Oh and let’s not forget group meetings, work, internship hunting, and having maybe a slither of a social life.

So glad that the Catholic Church creates value as an organization by bringing to Jesus to people because I’m going to need some prayers (one of my many class quips that everyone thinks is so funny when I am actually being  serious at answering a question).

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