I took the day off work today to study for my Securities Markets & Investments midterm tonight. I know a lot of students in the WPMBA program can’t always take a day off when they want to, but I find my life much less stressful this way. Especially when a test is 30% of my grade! Besides, I have class on Monday and Tuesday so there’s no way I can effectively study after Sunday night. I’d forget too much before the test. So I slept in a little, ate some breakfast, and I’m typing this up before I hit the books. I plan on visiting my daughter at daycare this afternoon before I head over to Gerlach. I can’t go all day without seeing my precious little girl!

I’m going to use the prior year’s midterm that our professor posted on Carmen as my main study guide. It’s helpful because every professor has a different way of asking questions, and I get a good idea of the kinds of things I will need to know for the midterm tonight. Even after more than a year of grad school, I still get nervous before exams. You’d think they’d stop bothering me after a while, but they still do. I don’t remember worrying about tests so much as an undergrad, but I hardly think I cared as much about my education then as I do now.

Yesterday I registered for classes for spring quarter. It’s my last quarter of electives, and again it was a tough decision. There were a few classes I was interested in that were scheduled at the same time. I decided on M&L 845 (Global Market Management and Sustainability), MHR 894.66 (Group Studies–Government Regulation and Business Strategy; rather apropos for me as I work for a government-created entity), and MGT 840.01 (Lean Enterprise Leadership). I’ll be in class four days a week, but on Mondays and Wednesdays I will actually be able to put my daughter to bed! Class starts at 8pm and she goes to sleep around 7-7:30. She puts up with mommy being at school and studying very well, but I’m looking forward to the extra time with her.

As I said, next quarter is my last for electives. I take my last two core courses in summer quarter (Strategy and Global Environment of Business–very interested in both!) and then I’m done! Graduation day will be August 28, only six months away. I can hardly believe it sometimes; I feel like I’m over the crest and it’s all downhill from here!