Do you know VITA?

Hi guys,

long time no see.  Sorry for being lazy and not writing much recently.  This quarter actually has turned out to be very eventful.  Not only are we having so many interesting courses to take, but also we got a wonderful chance to join VITA and to be involved into a very meaningful program so we can give something back to the community in which we live.

VITA, standing for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, is a program providing free tax preparation service to people in need for their income tax return.  Everyone can be one of the volunteers once we take a series of online courses provided by IRS, pass the online test and get certification.  I am so excited to volunteer in the program this year together with many other student from not only MAcc program but also programs such as MBLE.

VITA for this tax season officially started last Friday and I got to volunteer last Saturday in the Law School.  I had never been there before, but thanks to one of my classmates who gave me the ride, finding the law school was not a problem.  Although a little bit late, I still made it and was there for my first time as a “VITA volunteer.”  All volunteers were assigned into teams of 2 or 3 and worked with our clients face to face and did our best to help them to go through their tax returns.  I actually learned more about income tax preparation and gained a lot of personal knowledge while serving others.  I am going to volunteer a few more times during this year, and I am sure that I will do it next year if I have the chance!

P.S. For more information on Fisher’s involvement with VITA, click here.