Since the United States Post office doesn’t know where I live, and I just got my Research Methods book (that I had to pick up from the post office the other day because I didn’t know that the delivery driver couldn’t find my address until a few days ago), I am ahead in reading for my other class with Dr. Heneman.

I am currently on HR Competencies (which is lot more interesting than the first book which is coincidentally what our entire group project/paper is about for the quarter) and one of the chapters in the book really intrigued me. Chapter 3 is about one of the first and most important competencies and HR professional needs to have, and that is to be a “Credible Activist”.  One of the most important aspects of being a Credible Activist is for an HR professional is to do “HR with attitude”.

Now when I first read that I thought “Man this career is OBVIOUSLY perfect for me,” but it wasn’t the type of attitude I was thinking (and sometimes exhibit with some of my classmates who think they are really funny like Shawn).  HR with attitude means having confidence in your HR skills and how you add value to a business, and speaking up and giving your HR opinion even if it is not warranted or asked for.  Basically, if HR people want to have a seat at the management table they have to act like it (I call it putting a little “oomph” into it).

Reading books, making observations as a graduate student, and talking to my boss who has his bachelor degree in HR from Fisher have convinced me that many HR professionals in the past have not really put the “oomph” that they need to as HR people to gain the respect needed to sit at the management table.  One of the reasons I believe this to be is because some HR people may have a hard time of doing one of the second most important aspects of being a Credible Activists….building relationships.

In my opinion, I feel like Fisher graduate students generally need to branch outside the walls of Gerlach Hall – which I hope to do next year by connecting Fisher more through the Council of Graduate Students–the student government for graduate students.  On a related note, I believe that MLHRs need to branch out and make relationships with other Fisher graduate students.  Rebecca posted a blog a few weeks ago about wanting to go to more EOTWs (“Events Of The Week” put on by the Fisher Graduate Student Association) but, like her, many in our program do not seem interested in going.  Some of the first and second years (who all say that the MBA students are fun) went out on Saturday, and it was really fun.  I think many MLHRs have a stigma against MBA students (mainly because of our reading) that they don’t respect us.  I thought that for a while, too, but then realized it’s not disrespect … they just don’t know who we are.  I think MLHRs (and the HR profession in general) will become more respected by businesses and business leaders once we show them our attitude.

Just to demonstrate, a classmate and I saw one of the recruiters that came to Gerlach Hall during fall quarter at Char Bar downtown, and she recognized us.  I believe she was a graduate of the MLHR program, and clearly she is doing well in her career, etc., so I find that proof that is okay to work and play with the business world.

As the Rebeccas have vowed to try to go to more EOTWs, I will do so also (as long as they’re not on a Thursday) AND go to more non-MLHR related events on the HUB as well.

The MLHRs in my classes I believe have PLENTY of attitude … now we just need to show everyone else at Fisher!

Me, Rebeccas, and Cassie (GHRA Social Chairs on the right)

Cassie, me, some guy not in Fisher, Katie, and Rebecca

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