My 2nd quarter in MAcc

This past fall quarter was definitely memorable. We, MAccers, began the quarter with a walk down to the OSU football stadium (aka “The Shoe”) and attended a reception with alumni, staff, faculty, and big name recruiters like the Big Four public accounting firms. We ended fall quarter high with an end-of-quarter reception at the OSU Faculty Club. We had loads of fun during the first quarter: bars, parties, social events, etc. And of course, we have received job offers, researched and interpreted FASB codifications, calculated a firm’s firm vitals, and used Black-Scholes option pricing model to perpetrate the myth that accountants are math geniuses!

Summer heat subsided. Snow now falls. We are in winter quarter now. Sad to admit that there seems to be less momentum for bars; however, for the uptick, classes are more fun this quarter. See what I am taking this quarter: financial derivatives (cheers!), financial statement analysis (yes!), advanced corporate finance (OMG, all cases), and foundations of accounting (you will never look at accounting the same again). Of the four classes, I find financial derivatives and financial statement analysis particularly interesting. For derivatives, it is a hot subject, which allows me to understand complex transactions and to determine proper accounting treatments. For financial statement analysis, it’s great to know how our beloved accounting numbers and four sets of financial statements are used by analysts in valuing a firm.

You might not find those classes interesting to you. BUT, you have the flexibility to take whatever classes you like. That’s what I really like about Fisher’s MAcc program. May it be tax, fraud examination, excel modeling, managerial negotiations, strategies, assurance, or organizational behavior, you can always find your favorite topic to delve into further here at Fisher. As a matter of fact, that’s what most of my fellow MAccers are doing. MAcc students are spreading around and taking classes with MBAs and MLHR students.

MAcc’s 2nd quarter: a quarter in snow, a quarter with no football, but – as always – a quarter with fun!