What do Joe Biden and I have in common?

  1. He ran for presidential election the same year that I was born.
  2. We each have 3 siblings and were born into Irish Catholic families.
  3. Both of us are vice presidents!

Joe Biden might be Vice President of the United States of America, but deep down he’s just a regular guy. The kind of guy who might join GHRA, the Graduate Human Resources Association. Then he’d be stepping into my vice presidential territory – but I think we’d get along just great.

As VP of GHRA, I’d like to provide you with an update about what we’ve planned for the quarter. To see a calendar-style event listing and read our webmaster’s blog, look here: https://groups.cob.ohio-state.edu/ghra/

1/19: Celebration dinner

This fall the first and second year students in GHRA competed to see which class could donate the most non-perishable food items to the Salvation Army. Both classes were very generous and GHRA donated a total of 534 items to be distributed to those in need. The second years won the competition and will be celebrating with dinner before class on Wednesday night!

2/2: Speaker event

Come listen to Clare Vetrick, SPHR and Director of Enterprise Human Resources & Talent Acquisition at Navigator Management Partners, speak to our membership about talent acquisition. With over 10 years of experience working in HR and about 4 years specializing in talent acquisition and development, Clare is a great resource- so bring yourself and your questions to this event.

2/7: Speaker event

GHRA invites its members to come listen to Greg Vert. Mr. Vert is a graduate of the Fisher College of Business MLHR program, as well as a consultant in Human Resources. He is going to talk about his experience at Deloitte and what it means to be a consultant in Human Resources. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant or wondering about some of the alternatives to having a traditional HR role, don’t miss this event!

3/4 – 3/5: Case competition

The MBA case competitions are a dime-a-dozen here, but GHRA is breaking the mold to introduce the very first MLHR case competition! Brought to fruition by the tireless efforts of our GHRA President, this case competition will provide you with the opportunity to test your skills and business acumen outside the classroom. Teams were formed last quarter and a training event took place last week. Teams that are competing in the event will be given a real case to analyze, have 1 day to prepare a presentation, and then will present their recommendations to a panel of faculty and business leaders.

Mark your calendars for these great events! And if anyone knows Joe Biden, you are welcome to invite him, too.