Things I’ll miss from my first autumn quarter …

My first quarter at Fisher has ended and the second quarter is about to begin in a week. First things and first experiences are hard to forget. But, there are other things too that I will surely miss :(!

  1. Facebook – numerous Facebook status messages on the coursework especially the ones starting with ‘Dear Darren.. ‘, ‘Prof. Roulstone…’ or ‘Accounting…’. The most facebook messages this quarter have undoubtedly been on Accounting, making it the most discussed course of the quarter
  2. Suddenly realizing in the middle of the night that I have to prepare a memo for a case study for Prof Campbell’s Economics class
  3. Finding clickers to vote for random polls in Prof. Schillings Data Analysis class
  4. FPS teams! Working with my Fisher Professional Services (FPS) team and competing with other teams on the same project.
  5. Corporate Finance lunch series by Dean Wruck – CEO’s, CFOS’s of small and big leading firms gave great insights on their experiences and journey

The first time in every new university is the excitement to know the place better, know your classmates and seniors (“second years”) and enthusiasm to be part of every event, every organization happening around you.

Then, there is always ‘another time’ to explore things well. So, believing the same, I will begin my next quarter next week.