1 Day trip to New York

On the next day after my interview with Samsung, I had 6 hours until the return flight back to Columbus. I decided to take a short, but intensive tour of Manhattan because I didn’t know when I would have another chance to come here.  I planned a very detailed schedule and route for the 6 hour tour. I was very tired because of the interview, but I found myself becoming excited with my upcoming short New York tour. The next morning, I rushed to not miss the bus since I didn’t want to take a taxi which would have cost me a lot! It was cold out there, but fortunately I did not wait that long until I got on the bus. Sky was beautiful and clear. It was such a great day in December to take a tour.

I went to famous Murray’s Bagels which I found referenced on the internet. Some blogger introduced the store saying that many New Yorkers go there for their breakfasts and it is known for delicious fresh-baked bagels with morning coffee. To be honest, I was not a big fan of bagels but it was awesome! I had an onion bagel with freshly-brewed coffee, and that was one of the best breakfasts ever! I say, ‘Folks, try it.’

After the bagel, I headed to Wall Street. I tried to smell money, but not really. 🙂 There were dense tall buildings all around. All of sudden, I wondered how Wall Street workers could work in this place? This place, I believe, is just full of uncountable number of tourists making noises and taking photos. If I were one of workers, I would not work here because this atmosphere could be nothing but distracting.  Looking at Brooklyn with Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground from the Wall Street pier was really nice – the view was quite beautiful. I sat on a bench and rested a few minutes while appreciating the clear sky over Brooklyn.

I turned myself to the Times Square, which was the final destination of my tour. On my way to the Times Square, I went through SOHO (a small district in NYC), and I felt like I was in Seoul (Korea) because there were many shopping stores and people on the street. Time Square, as I expected, was filled with tourists of various nationalities. Just like what I saw on TV, many commercial LED boards fascinated the tourists, several street shows were on the go. I was excited with other people’s excitement, LED splendor, and party-like atmosphere!  I really wanted to spend more time in Times Square, but time did not let me.  However, all the time back to Columbus, I was happy and satisfied with my very quick tour of New York City.

On the airplane, I saw the night skyline of New York and it was perfect as a wrap-up of my trip. Maybe I will have a chance to visit New York again; I want to come back in the summer and enjoy more brisk and energetic New York. I’d like to suggest something to someone planning a Manhattan tour:

1. You can utilize well-organized public transportation (e.g. buses and subways, etc.).

2. You can stay in inexpensive lodging in New Jersey. Spend some time on researching your options.

3. Many bloggers post useful information about New York. Make use of that information.

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