Interview with Samsung Electonics

Many global companies visit the Fisher, providing a lot of recruiting information, and offering internship and/or full-time opportunities. During my first quarter, I believe at least one company per week held information sessions – companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Intel, Dow, and Samsung. I attended several sessions and handed in my resume – it was all very competitive.

As a Korean student, I was glad to hear that Samsung Electronics would visit and hold information sessions at Fisher. At the same time, I was proud of OSU because, as far as I know, Samsung recruits students only from a few high-ranked universities. In the session I attended, I met Korean employees from the HR team and asked a few questions. What amazed me was they were looking for some people for Supply Chain! I was reminded of ‘Select and Focus.’ Many may realize that it is not always easy to meet your favorite companies and desirable positions during job searches. I thought ‘this is it.’ I did my best in applying. I created my own template with my skills and techniques, studied Samsung Electronics, and finally submitted my resume. A few days later, I got a response indicating that I was forwarded to the next stage! I was happy even though it was but a first step. However, something happened to me and I want everybody who is applying to make sure that even though they say they are going to contact you within a few days and you do not receive any news from the companies within the specified time frame, do not worry about it and be patient. Every company receives a LOT of resumes from many schools and this always takes more days than they plan. I was supposed to be in contact with them within 2 days but, instead, I was contacted in 2 weeks! Just imagine how worried I’ve been during that time. The interview consisted of a 15 minute presentation about myself and 45 minute Q&A. The worse thing was I had only 1.5 days to prepare the presentation file and submit it to them. I spent the entire 1.5 days to make a 9 slide Powerpoint file. I did my best in preparation and interview.

Some people may say that you were selected because Samsung is Korean company and I am Korean. It might be true or not. The points I want to say are that

1. Be interested in every opportunity provided at Fisher.

2. Do your best in presenting yourself. Make something special about you stand out.

3. Do your best to prepare for every possible questions/answers and prepare by thinking of several examples to illustrate your point(s).