My name in the COSI newspaper

The day before yesterday, I happened to find my name in COSI‘s newsletter. It is says that “Lily Zhang is a Fisher College of Business Student at Ohio State and is majoring in Human Resources. She will assist with volunteer recruitment, placement, research, and administrative duties beginning in November. We are able to help Lily utilize the skills she is honing in college and offer a professional “lab” experience to her”. This introduction was written by my supervisor, the manager of recruitment and placement.

I was really excited about it, since more colleagues will know me. And I was also excited that what my supervisor promised to offer me in the last sentence. My supervisor has much experience in human resources, and is good at reading my mind. My expectation for COSI working experience is to gain more professional experience and utilize more knowledge in the real working environment. And her statement exactly matches my expectations! I believe that the other employees may focus more on improving my professional skills when collaborating with me.  This is a really “real world” lesson about satisfying internal customers, employee motivation, and effective communication.