Things to be thankful for …

There were so many things for me to be thankful for this past week.

1. Thankful for only having one day of class.

2. Thankful for Thanksgiving giving me a 3 day HOLLA-day, and that I actually got to spend time with my family this year (circumstances prevented that last year).

3. Thankful that we beat M!ch*g@n AGAIN (no brainer right there).

4. Thankful that this is the last week of classes, finals are next week, and then BREAK.

I was surprisingly productive this week.  I am finally done with all of my books (again THANK GOD).  I still need to read a few articles and practice stats like WOAH.  Basically, after giving this presentation (and hopefully being done with this paper as well) on Wednesday, I am pretty much am just going to be studying until finals are done.  Which means reviewing NOT trying to catch up on reading I haven’t done (which takes a lot less effort).

Throughout this quarter, I have only had my fun on the weekends.  So I surprised myself when I went to the women’s basketball game on Monday.  I got free tickets through my job (with University Residences and Dining Services).  It was not the most well attended game, but I had a good time with my coworkers and we got to sit in the PRESIDENT suite.

(At the game)

(These little girls were the highlight of the game.  They do Irish dancing, and after their performance me and my coworker wanted to take a class, and get them for BuckeyeThon The best part was that Brutus was in half 0f their performance!)

I was only home Wednesday evening-Friday evening.  Most of the time I did laundry and read my stats book.  I didn’t have time to hang out with friend.  Notice the singular use of the term, because I basically have no good friends that live in Dayton/I care to see when I go back to Dayton.  Notice how I use the city, and not really say home (even though I used it in the first sentence).  Super complicated, but I grew up in a city called Huber Heights (a suburb of Dayton, Ohio).  The end of my junior year in college, my mother decides to sell her house and move to Centerville (another suburb of Dayton which ironically Huber and Centerville are like OSU and Michigan when it comes to football).  She did it really quickly, and being in school I did not have time to bring all my belongings up to Columbus (like yearbooks, my bed, other important things I saved), so they were just taken by the mortgage company.  Needless to say I was a little salty about that, but I got over it, but basically I do not keep anything at home like a lot of my friends do now….everything I own is in Columbus.  I would not be able to even, because my mom lives in a one bedroom apartment.  This is the first time I have visited where I did not have to sleep on the couch.  I got to sleep in the “sacred room”…aka what my mom calls her bedroom.  It’s sacred, because she is the only living being that is allowed to enter.  I actually got to sleep AND eat in the sacred room so I must be special.  But apparently I wasn’t special to her dog that BIT ME (and I have known this dog for 6 years).  Though brief, it was nice to be home for a minute despite the unusual circumstances that I have to deal with (at least in comparison to the majority of my friends who go back to the same homes they have lived in all of their lives in neighborhoods where they have known people forever).

I returned Friday night, and went out with some of my old coworkers from when I used to work at the Marketplace.  One of the reasons I am really interested  in working in university human resources is due to the fact that I also want to work with students.  I am still pretty good friends with many people I used to work with my freshman year of college, and our workplace was key to the friendships that were developed.  Quite a few of Prof Heneman’s books highlight how the workplace is where people find and look to develop relationships with other people, and I definitely think that is key in a college environment.  Most of the community developed was made by the employees, and not necessarily one person trying to create that community (so that would be something that I would like to do one day).

(Former supervisors on our way to Brother’s…I don’t know how to use the real caption thing).

Actual Game Day was fun as usual.  I’m proud of my Buckeyes this season, and I can’t wait to watch them at some kind of Bowl viewing party (not sure which one they are going to).

Oh and since I have posted a lot of pictures in this post I will add one of the insanity that is Mirror Lake (did not jump just observed).

Now back to productivity!