Thanksgiving break in Chicago

Over the Thanksgiving break, I went to Chicago with friends from college. Not surprisingly, Chicago welcomed me with cold and windy weather. Although I did bring a heavy coat with me, a walk down in the Chicago wind is still quite an “experience”. The wind is so freezing cold that, as a first-timer to Chicago, I didn’t feel like taking photos of the amazing city views along the Michigan Avenue but letting my hands be bitten by the wind. After a tough twenty minutes walk , I finally arrived at my destination of that day: Millennium Park.

The Cloud Gate quickly attracted my eyes. Typical of the contemporary art, this Chicago landmark has attracted visitors from around the world, including fellow Buckeyes. I was excited to encounter four MAcc classmates there: Xinhui, Jianing, Chuan, and Jiang. Guess what we did? An O-H-I-O picture in front of the Cloud Gate. Xinhui, Chuan, Jiang, and I were very proud to pose an O-H-I-O. I had the feeling that no matter where I go in the future, if I shout out O-H, there is a good chance that I will hear back I-O, because OSU alumni are literally everywhere around the world.

Besides awesome parks,  Chicago offers great food and a unique metropolitan appeal. A must-do on many visitors’ lists is eating the Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza. My friends and I went to Lou Malnati’s. Without exaggeration, the pizza at Lou Malnati’s was the most delicious pizza I have ever had: juicy, flavorful, and great texture. Yummy!!!

Another must-do in Chicago is going up to the top of Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower). The elevator only took a minute or two to take us to the top of the building. The views on the top floor were amazing. One can only have a comparable view over the city on a plane. However, there is something that a plane cannot offer: taking a photo on the Skydeck. Skydeck is a transparent deck that extends beyond the building. In other words, one literally stands outside of the building and views the streets some 1,400 feet below. I thought twice before I stepped onto the deck. Although I knew that standing on the Skydeck was no different from standing inside, my fear of height got me at that moment. It took me a while before I took the “risky” move. Oh my …, I could feel my feet shaking. Fortunately, I am still alive! Isn’t it 1 million times better to be sitting in my apartment and writing a blog than standing outside/on top of a 1451-foot building? Yes!!!