Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys, long time no see.  Sorry for not showing up for a period of time.  I feel that I should at least write something on such a special day.  Well~~today is November 25th, my very first Thanksgiving in America.  So happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I am glad that not only can I experience this important festival, but also I had a chance to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner today.  Although I am still not “qualified” for being involved in any processes with the turkey, at least I could work in the kitchen, helping to peel the potatoes and make them into mashed potatoes.

This is actually going to be a very short one.  Autumn Quarter for the Fisher MAcc program is going to finish within the next two weeks and I really gained a great experience in the program.  I made new friends, learned a lot of stuff and made a new life for myself.  So now at this moment I just want to give thanks for being here in the Fisher MAcc program.  I am sure that every one of you must have something to be thankful for this year, too, so just think about those good things, have a smile on your face and enjoy your Thanksgiving !