Yay, Team!

Ah, at last it's Thanksgiving week, Michigan week, and most joyfully the end of team presentations!

I knew coming into the program that teamwork would be a large component of the class experience. This quarter I have enjoyed two teams, giving three presentations. Both teams, all women, were great to work with. One was more tentative, and well paced, while the other was more social, and well researched. Both were great partnerships and I came away feeling like we equally shared the burden of class presentations.

I've been impressed not just with the work ethic of my teammates, but also with the informative presentations of my fellow first-year MLHRs. I saw beautifully crafted presentations about Apple and the great healthcare debate. I've listened to young students who could be orators. And I've heard classmates field questions that I would have never dreamed of in a thousand class hours. Granted, we were not always riveted to the large screen in front of us, and I'm sure more than one person turned to their Facebook page while I yammered on about the topic at hand, but the room was always filled with a sense of support and empathy from fellow classmates.

Of course all of the PowerPoint presentations start to make me think of my time as an undergrad. I remember ONE! team project the entire four years. It was for a business writing class where we were supposed to construct a mailer for a new company. We developed a doggy wash business (which was virtually unheard of at the time) called De Dirt De Dog. I still think we could have made a mint off of that one, and maybe my partners are now enjoying the good life thanks to our idea. If so: you go, girls. (Call me!) I start to get a little nostalgic thinking of the simplicity of those presentations--about one step up from a science fair poster board. The oldster in me wants to say: In my day we didn't have drop down screens and computer presentations...we had index cards and our imaginations and, well, we didn't really like it.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Go Bucks! Turkey day and Beat Blue week; it's hard to get better than that. :)

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