Stress Relief

What do you do to relieve stress? One of my methods is to listen to music. I’m into a lot of different kinds, but since my honeymoon in Hawaii, I’ve been very much into music from the Aloha State. So much so that I hope to receive an ‘ukulele as a gift next month. I’ve learned to play the piano, clarinet and saxophone, and have picked up a guitar and my grandmother’s ‘ukulele a few times. I don’t expect learning to be super easy, but at least I won’t hurt my family’s ears like I did with all the honking and squeaking that comes out of a beginning clarinetist’s instrument. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sing some songs to my daughter to entertain her, and in a few years she could learn to play herself.

What else do I do to relieve stress? Sometimes I just have to let myself get away from work and school and think about something totally unrelated. For example, I try to schedule a night off from studying when possible just so I can do something relaxing, like watching a movie. Oh, and sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep comes at a premium when you work full time, go to school full time and have a toddler. (But at least this toddler sleeps 13-14 hours per day.) I suppose I should exercise more, but I suppose everyone who isn’t a gym rat thinks that. I’ve taken a couple days off work to spend with my husband and my daughter, which was great. Funny how I can relax more when I feel like I’m playing hooky from work.

In two weeks, finals start, and then I have about four weeks off before winter quarter begins. Five down, three to go. Quarters fly by so much faster than semesters. I’d only be about halfway through the term if Fisher were a semester school (which, of course, it will be in 2012). But it will be nice to relax and enjoy my family. I’m not going away for Thanksgiving like I did last year. While I love visiting family, Thanksgiving is crunch time because it’s just before the big exams and final projects. So, it really will be less stressful for me staying home.

…by the way, guess who scored some FREE tickets to the Michigan game? Go Bucks! Beat Michigan.