Peanut Butter, Jelly Time

One of my to-do's when I first arrived on campus was finding the local grocery store. I am generally a lunch-packer, so I needed to purchase groceries for my peanut butter and jelly, baby carrot, yogurt, and teddy graham packed lunch. (Yes, my lunch in grad school is eerily similar to what my mom packed for me during grade school. I'm only missing the Dunkaroos, but those are pretty hard to find.)

Over time, I have found a few options for grocery shopping. Here is a list of the different  locations near Fisher Commons, in reverse order of my favorites.

3. Giant Eagle on 5th. This is a bigger grocery, and I have to give Giant Eagle the edge on produce selection and freshness. If you are an avocado fan, Giant Eagle has giant, delicious avocados! They also have a nice meat counter. Really the only reason they earned the #3 spot is because I don't have a Giant Eagle discount card, and I find paying an extra $0.20 cents on most items really annoying. Other than that, it is a great option!

2. Kroger on Chambers. This is another great grocery! Kroger on Chambers is a decent size and has all of the essentials. They even have a nice "Naturals" section and an OSU fan shop. Being able to grocery shop and fill up on gas in one trip is also convenient. I don't like the produce selection quite as much as Giant Eagle, but I do have a Kroger Plus Card, so the savings make Kroger a strong #2 in my mind.

1. Whole Foods on Lane. Whole Foods specializes in delicious, natural and organic foods and groceries. On top of having all the basics, Whole Foods offers a salad bar, hot foods bar, fresh pizza by the slice, soups, and other "ready-made" options. I find myself going for lunch quite often! They also have the best fresh seafood and meat bar. The only major con is the price. Whole Foods is generally the most expensive of these three grocery locations, but the price speaks to the quality of their foods. You can sign up for coupons to help curve costs, and I also tend to buy the lower-priced Whole Food's 365 brand for most items.

If you are a foodie like me, you can rest assured there are several grocery options near the campus (and especially Fisher Commons)!

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November 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

You are awesome. The title of this blog post just gave me life!