Branching Out of MLHR & Fisher

Bussssssyyyyyyy week being a graduate student.   Most of my posts have been about academics, but I would like to talk about some of my outside involvement (now that things are finally starting to pick up in some of the organizations that I am a part of).


I am the Graduate/Professional Liaison Co-Chair for BuckeyeThon.  Ohio State’s premiere philanthropy, BuckeyeThon, is a student organization that raises money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  Nationwide is great, because it admits children with all kinds of medical problems, and treat them regardless of their ability to pay.  It is one of the best hospitals in the nation, and many children would not be alive if it were not for its services.  The main thing BuckeyeThon is known for is its 17-hour dance marathon that it puts on.  I was a Morale Captain my junior and senior years, and technically am one this year too!  Traditionally, graduate and professional students do not participate, so I have been trying to get more students involved.  I met with some people this week who were really interested.  I am in the midst of trying to plan a fundraiser with the Inter-Professional Council, Council of Graduate Students, and Ohio Union Activities Board Graduate/Professional Committee.  Ideally, the money raised will cover the $100 cost of participation for all graduate and professional students who want to participate.  When I say cost I mean that each dancer is required to raise $100 to participate, and this would help graduate and professional students since they generally do not have time to fund raise.

We also had our 100 Days Til BuckeyeThon event this past Thursday.  I helped setup, but unfortunately could not actually be there due to class, so I hope everything went well.

MLHR/Graduate Human Resources Association-

I went to an information session about an internal case competition for MLHR students on a business issue.  It seems interesting and challenging, but I felt like some people were really hardcore about who they wanted on their team, so we will see if I will actually compete.


VITA stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.  It is a program put on by Fisher that helps people who have lower income by preparing their tax returns, so they do not have to go to expensive tax services to do so.  Many of the people that the program serve received Earned Income Credit, because of their financial situation, so the mayor of Columbus really appreciates the revenue that the program helps generate.  It was kind of awkward at the information session, because I was the only MLHR student in a sea of MAccs and MBAs, and people were also talking about how helpful their tax courses were in being volunteers (which I obviously have not taken).  My main interest in doing this was because of my job.  Most domestic students are do not know about their tax information, so it can be difficult sometimes when they have to fill out their W-4, and not being able to guide them (unless you are a certified tax person or something).  It gets harder with international students who do not know anything about American taxes (and there is sometimes a challenge with language barriers as well).  I am hoping to go through this certification and training program, so that I can be some how certified enough where it is not illegal for me to tell a student I work with what they can put down on their W-4.  It also feels good to help out other people as well, and I believe I used this service my freshman and sophomore year.  I might do this instead of the internal competition.

This isn’t really anything big, but I proposed that some of the MLHR students have a night out this Friday, and apparently it has branched off into an entire Fisher event (which I am DEFINITELY taking credit for).  I feel like there is not a lot of interaction between the different programs, so hopefully I get to know some other students outside my program (other than the few MBAs in my class).

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Beat Michigan Week!


3 thoughts on “Branching Out of MLHR & Fisher”

  1. Garren, congrats on volunteering for VITA! Don’t worry about not having had a tax class prior to volunteering. Fisher students have helped with VITA for at least 6 or 7 years now – and there have been some great volunteers over that time who had never had a tax class. You’ll do well!

  2. Thanks Rob! I am still deciding to either do VITA or the Internal Case Study for MLHR. But everyone tells me we should learn more outside of HR so that’s what I am leaning too. The inspiration helps and boosts the self-esteem!

  3. I’m also doing VITA! I think it’s going to be a serious commitment (all the training sessions and volunteer sessions) and I can understand that doing both VITA and the case competition might be too much. Whichever one you pick, I think you’ll end up building relationships with Fisher people you wouldn’t have met otherwise!

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