Work hard, pla.. err, work hard some more.

Hello everybody! Tao posted a blog not too long ago about the merits of playing hard when you work hard. Undoubtedly, the human body is only meant to exert so much effort. At the same time, there is also a lot to be said of those who can prioritize their time and become an operator and an executor. I think there is an art to figuring out when exactly you are most effective and then capitalizing on this time for organizational and scheduling purposes. If one who masters this art is called a master artist, then I am but a novice. See the pictures for evidence!

There are plenty of opportunities to rest and relax throughout your weekly schedule. It is not only encouraged to rest from time to time, but also prudent. However, if you are to excel in a top ranked program, you will learn that finding moments for these purposes can be as challenging as the assignments you are expected to complete. Therein lays the real value of a degree like the MAcc offered at the Fisher College of Business. You will learn to stretch yourself in ways that will mimic the demands of the real world. Busy season doesn’t kill anyone (I think); however, it is still very demanding. If you can manage your time to the point where you can be successful in your classes, be involved in other activities, and still find ways to recharge yourself then I think you are capable of handling anything you are likely to find in the work place.

While you can tell from the photos that I haven’t quite perfected this craft, I feel as though I am learning quickly. Buckeye football is all over the blogs this time of year because it is a spectacle worthy of investment (time, means, and definitely emotion). Before the sun set on the shoe, I was able to read about half of a lengthy assignment. If I had been smarter, I may have set aside additional time prior to or after the game to read what I did in the stadium as to allow myself to better enjoy the game. It was slightly embarrassing and I think a few of the kids behind me cheered when I left in the middle of the fourth quarter. I feel as though I’m learning to swim by jumping in the deep end, but I suppose that too is a quality I am gleaning from my experience here. Indeed, work hard and play hard.