New job in COSI

I attended the orientation at COSI this past Saturday. I was so proud of myself being a member in COSI.

When I arrived in the U.S., my roommate took me to downtown Columbus, where I knew there was COSI.  I really like COSI, since the people I met there are very energetic and kindhearted. I really like COSI, since COSI provide hands-on scientific experience to children and their families.  This summer, I applied for a position in the Littlekid Space in COSI and I had an interview with my supervisor at the beginning of this quarter. After the interview, my supervisor asked me whether I was interested in working in COSI’s HR Department. I was really excited, since the experience working in HR Department would definitely advance my professional development. Furthermore, this experience would definitely help me find a job related to HR in United States (I will graduate next June). However, I would really like to take care of those lovely children in the Littlekid Space. I have numerous experience in taking care of children. If I work with children, I will have lots of fun in my work. HR work to me is not as interesting as childcare work. What should I do????

I made the decision and I will work with the HR manager. I think I don’t have enough time to prepare for my career before graduation. I should gain more experience in American companies/organizations. And I can take care of children when I have enough time during the weekends or holidays.

Life is a cup of tea. It tastes bitter in the very beginning, but it will taste better and better in the future.