One Day of Community Service

Last Friday, organized by student organization Fisher Serves, I along with other colleagues at Fisher, went to one of the several community service spots—Life Care Alliance dining center. After a short introduction to the dining center, we were assigned different jobs to do. I worked at Harmon kitchen, helping pack and unpack delivery bags and boxes.

The work itself may not be very exciting but the experience was very precious.

1. Making friends

Getting to know people who are also interested in community service is encouraging. I made friend with Jong, a Korean MBA who drove me to the place; Galima, a pretty and smart Indian girl who worked efficiently with me in the kitchen; and Tim, another MBA student who is very kind and always wearing a friendly smile. Actually, I made many more friends with other students whose name I’ve already forgotten. But the point is that we had a very good time together contributing to the community and trying to make a difference.

2. Getting Involved

As an international student, I found that one of the best ways to get involved and prepare for internship or full-time job is to be a volunteer. No one will get mad at your awkward English. Instead, they appreciate your help.

3. Helping people who are in need

I teared up when the manager of Life Care Alliance told us that one of the things that senior citizens long for people to sit with and talking with them. Yes, sometimes a smile warms a heart.

4. Realizing how lucky we are

Helping others who’re in need is also for our soul. It reminds you that there are so many people in difficulty and we are, in comparison, so lucky.

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  1. JT, great blog! helping others is a very rewarding feeling. I am glad to see you are reaching out and making a difference in people’s lives. way to go! well done!

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