Community Service Day: Salvation Army

“Go-Givers will become the best go-getters.”

This quote from an unknown author, I think, sums up why we should give back to the community. The MBA student is a personification of a “go-getter” so he/she should also ALWAYS be a giver. Of course, this reason is not exactly about being selfless. So, I give you another quote:

“There is no unselfish good deed.” ~Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Every good deed you do for others always provides you a benefit, even if it’s just feeling good about yourself.

Community service day

Every year, first year MBA and other Fisher graduate students have a chance to give back to the local community through the Community Service Day, led by FisherServes.

FisherServes is a graduate student led organization at the Max M. Fisher College of Business that is committed to promoting awareness of civic and social responsibilities and to connecting the Fisher College of Business with the surrounding community by leading service-based initiatives throughout the Columbus area.

Last year, I spent the day at the Columbus Zoo, helping with odd jobs at the grounds. This year, I decided to help out again. This time I worked with the Salvation Army. Our team worked in two of their locations in Columbus. My group helped out in the food pantry in West Mound Street.

Matt and Maria restocking the shelves at the Salvation Army food pantry.

The Salvation Army has a “Client choice” food pantry model. This allows eligible families to select the food items that their families need and enjoy. That day, we helped distribute the Senior Boxes, containing various goods for the beneficiaries who were senior citizens. We also helped stock and clean the pantry – threw away the empty boxes, received a delivery of food items, packed fresh tomatoes to give out, and helped bring the items to the beneficiaries’ cars. We enjoyed meeting and interacting with the staff, other volunteers, and the people who came to the food pantry.

This is a busy season for the Salvation Army so they would really appreciate everyone’s help. There is no prior experience or training needed and you can volunteer in any of their locations. If you are interested,  contact Dinah O’Dell at or 614.358.2627 or click here for more information.