adventure at the Columbus Zoo

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I went to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It sounded wonderful to me since I have never been there before. With great excitement, I rushed to the gate of the zoo right after I got out of the car.

The scenery there was beautiful and natural as if you were standing among the prairie and jungle. After taking some photos in front of the zoo, my friends and I decided to go to the “North America” section first. The Polar Frontier, the new area, made me feel like I was transported from central Ohio right into the heart of the Arctic. The first animal I saw was a polar bear, which was moving around ,relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in the afternoon. However, he was not likely to get close to people, but instead he found some place behind the giant rock and took a good nap. This did not affect my mood since he was so cute that I could not help to love him. The second kind of animal we found were Arctic foxes. If the sign outside did not say that they could not be treated as pets, I bet many visitors would like to take one back home and have fun with them.

Afterward, we went to visit the “Asian Quest” part of the zoo where we saw a young python sleeping in a corner of its habitat, bats hanging upside down from the ceiling and wrapping their whole bodies with its “clothes” (wings). In addition, I also got an opportunity to know the vegetarians in the Aquarium, the Cow Nose Stingray and Manatees. Cow Nose Stingray looked like a kite flying gracefully through the water. Its skeleton was made of cartilage with no bones, which made the stingray very flexible. The manatees in the zoo were rescued from the wild and cared for until they could be released back into the wild. They were vegetarians; I could see clearly them eating lettuce casually and happily. The experience in the zoo was impressive and amazing. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.