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FETCH! is the game named after the same acronym that stands for financial education teaches children healthy habits. This game was created by members of the Ohio Society of CPAs to help teach elementary aged children the basics of accounting. This game is taken into the classroom by volunteers from the society and from various graduate accounting programs in Ohio (such as Fisher’s). You may or may not recall from an earlier blog that I was anxiously awaiting this program. I have always found teaching a rewarding experience and today was no exception because today I was able to visit Wickliffe Progressive, an elementary school in Upper Arlington, OH.

Let me start off by letting you know the kids were amazing! They were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy their time with their teacher Molly Hinkle. I was very impressed by their composure and their good manners. Before the game started, we were asked to conduct a quick 15 minute discussion about accounting and CPAs. I was pleased to know that they knew much more about accounting than I did when I was their age. Starting off the game, a lot of the kids immediately formulated strategies they hoped would help them win. As the game was played, they found many obstacles and stumbling blocks that forced them to reformulate their strategies. After the game clock ran out and a team was awarded the coveted bone-pencil prize, we had another discussion. When asked how auditor Michael (me) was helpful in the game, the kids were extremely insightful. They mentioned that they were glad I was there because it forced them to double check their numbers before they recorded a transaction. They also said my presence would be helpful because I could catch mistakes on their balance sheet and prevent those mistakes from perpetuating throughout the game. Finally, they also said it helped them trust the balances of other teams. Wow! I wish I had FETCH! when I was in elementary school.

It was fun to volunteer for something like this. I hope the MAcc program will continue to provide me with these opportunities and I already know of at least one coming down the pipeline. I’m speaking of the VITA clinic offered through the Fisher School of Business. No matter how it is that I’m giving back, I find it extremely rewarding and can’t wait until the next time!

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  1. FETCH! was a success —- more than 10,000 5th & 6th graders throughout Ohio particpated in FETCH! We appreciate your participation and support of
    FETCH! and certainly hope that the OSU MAcc program will continue to be part of the program next year. And THANKS for this enthusiastic post.cp (Clarke Price – President & CEO – Ohio Society of CPAs)

  2. You are more than welcome Clarke! As a volunteer, I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly who gained the most. I would argue that we benefited equally if not more than the students who played the game. We’ll make sure to pass the torch next year and ensure you have more volunteers than you need!

    -Michael Barbosa

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