Career Search 101

Wow! What a long strange trip it’s been! Ever since the recruiting process for MAcc students started a few weeks ago, I’ve been uber-busy! Finally, fall recruitment is beginning to come to a close, and I’ve just now had time to think how lucky I am! I knew the on-campus recruitment process is a big deal at Fisher, but I had no idea of just how intense it is!

It’s times like these when I sit back and wonder, how did I come to be an accountant! One thing I do know is that my career goals have changed since the 1st grade, when I wanted, “to be a lawyer, or work at McDonald’s.”

Even though formal recruitment didn’t begin until mid-October, there were several recommended tasks to perform prior to the process. In August, students were encouraged to think about their future career goals and complete several “self-branding” worksheets.

Once school began, there were numerous opportunities for students to attend events, or socials, sponsored by accounting firms. Attending these events is a must, as it is important to meet as many people from each firm as you can. It makes the formal interview process much easier, as you’ll be acquainted with people who may be interviewing you.

The day before school started in September, Fisher sponsored a “MAcc Boot Camp” to get students prepared for the upcoming recruitment process. This was not mandatory for MAcc students, but I would strongly encourage everyone looking for a job to attend!

At Boot Camp, I learned how to use “Fisher Connect”, the main source of job postings on the Fisher website. Prospective employers post jobs on Fisher Connect and students can submit their resumes to request an on-campus interview for a specific position.

Students are invited to attend a pre-night event the evening before the scheduled interviews.  Pre-nights usually consist of a brief informational session about the firm followed by time to mingle with employees.

Formal interviews are held on-campus in Gerlach Hall. Interviews usually last 30-45 minutes and are conducted with one (or sometimes two) interviewers. Some firms ask behavioral type questions and others ask general questions about the interviewee.

After on-campus interviews are conducted, selected students attend second round interviews at their desired office location. During office visits, students typically have two interviews with different representatives of the firm. This gives students an opportunity to meet with firm employees and learn more specifics about what makes each firm unique.

From the beginning of the interview process it is extremely important to identify the city where you want to work. This question is asked early on, and firms want you to be able to answer this question with conviction. Also, just be yourself! Prospective employers know that Fisher students are well qualified. What they what to see is that you have a positive outlook and a desire to learn—and that you are anxious to contribute to the organization.

Seize this opportunity! You may never have another chance quite like this.

P.S. It’s Dine Originals Week in Columbus; go try a new restaurant!