Sneakers and Paws for a Good Cause

On Sunday, my pup Penny and I participated in Ohio State University’s annual Vets 4 Pets 5K Walk/Run. Organized by the OSU School of Veterinary Medicine, the event brought together hundreds of people and their dogs (and one not too happy looking cat on a leash) for a great cause- the Citizens for Humane Action Animal Shelter.

Even though it was a chilly Sunday morning and I had SO much homework left to finish before the end of the day, I was excited to see what other Crazy Dog People would be there and give Penny the chance to sniff around with some other canines. Yes. I am a Crazy Dog Person. I talk to my dog in a sing-song voice, know the nutritional contents of various brands of dog food, and think that it is perfectly normal to dress my dog in a selection of tasteful jackets. I guess with her being the only dog in the house and me being in graduate school…we don’t get out that much.

Although Penny is a dog that is very capable of running, her owner only runs when she is being chased by shady-looking cars or people. And even then, said owner would rely on craftiness and a general ability to sneak quietly away before she would resort to running. So running the 5K was not on the menu- Penny and I walked with the crowd of pets and humans that meandered and stopped frequently to sniff exciting new smells along the course. And the pets did some meandering and sniffing, too.

For about 1 hour, Penny and I walked with the other participants around the OSU campus and covered everything from the Vet School Complex to South Campus to Central Campus and back. I had a great time meeting the other dog lovers in the crowd and spending my morning getting some exercise with my trusty companion. And there were plenty of other dogs whose owners had dressed them in quite tasteful jackets, too- just sayin’.  🙂