Mid-term exams… OVER!

Two weeks before last week was mid-term exams season. For first year student like me, it was the very first and important challenge for my decision to go back to school. I hold my breath, crossed my finger and wished for a positive result since then. The results came out this week has put back air into my breath. Phew!

I did not know I could be at such stress just because of tests. For a very long time, I did not experience hand shaking like I did during the last exams. I had to hold my pen so tight that could not write normally, my heart beat like crazy and my blood pressure increased, all happened because of tests (?!). Who said that being student was enjoyable? Hum, it would be probably true for most parts, but definitely exclude EXAMS! :-). Mid-term tests are necessary though as we did spend a quality time to review our learning, not waiting until final exams. Furthermore, after mid-term, we definitely have a better idea about what is expected from the professors so anxiety will be reduced.

Exams over

Although I made some silly mistakes in my tests due to the stress, eventually I did not-so-bad on my mid-term exams, neither did my classmates, according to the professors grading. I felt much more calm and relax for the last mid-term exam today.

Lesson learned: be ready to face the exam pressure in the  MBA program and try to get over it as soon as you can. Practicing deep breathing might be a good idea if you feel you are losing your nerve.

Goodbye mid-term – I conquered you! Final exams – I am coming!