I took a trip to Ann Arbor, MI… and liked it!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to travel to Ann Arbor (home of OSU’s arch rival) for the 2010 Net Impact Conference.  For those of you who do not know, Net Impact is a global organization that focuses on changing the world through business.  Fisher College of Business is home to a two-time award winning local graduate chapter of Net Impact of which I am proud to be a member – VP of Marketing and Communications, actually.  That’s right!  Not only do I get to follow my passion (I have a previously underutilized BS in Environmental Health) and be a part of this wonderful group of like-minded students, but I also get to hold a leadership position as a first-year MBA!  Yet another perk of the small, close-knit Fisher community.

Perhaps the most simplistic, yet most profound quote of the weekend came from Chet Gesechickter of GTM Research during the Future of Smart Grid Communities panel discussion: 

Things aren’t smart.  People are.  We need to give people the information [they need] to make the right choices and force the changes to the system.

It really can be that simple.  Get the information to the people so they can make informed decisions that will ultimately help us all.

In addition to great panel discussions and amazing keynote speakers – like Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm –  the conference offered us a break from midterms and some time to recharge.  Often, the most important part of any conference is the extra time that you get to spend with your fellow classmates.  The Net Impact Conference was no exception.  We debated sustainable topics, we brainstormed sustainable ideas and we taught one of our International classmates some American nuance and slang.  We had so much fun together!  And now we are back in Columbus fully charged and ready to make a Net Impact at Fisher!