It’s hard picking electives. I have a couple of interests, namely Enterprise Sustainability and International Business. I am limited to taking evening classes; I don’t have the workplace flexibility to take any day courses. Fortunately for me, my work hours don’t change, I don’t travel and I am not permitted to take work home with me (I deal with sensitive information). Once work is done for the day, I am free! It would be much harder to choose electives if I were able to pick from the day classes as well. As it is, I think I changed my class choices for this quarter three or four times.

Next quarter, I’m taking three classes: Global Sourcing, Strategy Implementation & Execution, and Securities Markets & Investments. I’ll be in class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday again, like I am now. I wasn’t expecting to like this schedule more than taking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way, my school week is over sooner, and since I have to have all studying/projects done by Sunday night, I don’t have the stress during the work week of making sure I have a chapter read or a paper typed up for the next day. I can relax more in the evenings on Thursday and Friday and just enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter.

One awesome benefit my employer has is an on-site daycare facility. I think it’s a great perk that more employers should adopt. I feel so much saner and can concentrate better because I know my daughter is nearby. If she’s sick or hurt or just needs me to give her some medicine, I can be there right away. She will be two years old in February, and she’s been at this center since she was three months old. (I started the MBA program when she was seven months old.) I visit my daughter during the day, too. Last Friday was costume day for Halloween, so I brought her over to my department to show her off in her duck outfit, which was fun.

Every day after work, my husband picks our daughter up and takes her home, while I drive straight to Fisher. On the days I don’t have class, he drives us all in together and picks us up after work. On the days I do go to class, I drive my daughter and myself in to work, and then I hang out with her in her classroom for a little while. It takes about 3-5 minutes to get to my desk from her classroom. So far, the whole school/work schedule has worked out well for us. I wish I had more time on the weekends to spend with my daughter, and I can’t make her understand where I am or why I’m in the office so much when I’m home, but she’ll be two and a half when I graduate. She won’t even remember that I was in school. I think the separations are harder on me than on her.