Teenage Dream

This upcoming week is going to be another work week, but at least I have no looming projects or exams coming up within the next few days.

I was really glad that when I first entered the program that there were a lot of older people in the class, because it made me look younger by comparison and boosted the self-esteem.  However, though I am in no way ready to be in my mid-20s and beyond like a lot of the people in my program, I do envy their “life experience.”

In particular, I think I am talking about the transition from undergrad.  I loved all of my four years at Ohio State as an undergraduate student (which greatly influenced why I applied and was glad that I was accepted into this program).   The main thing that I have been thinking about lately is how most of my good friends have moved away somewhere for graduate school or a job.  One of my really good friends (who got her bachelor’s degree in HR at OSU) just got a job in Chicago, and this was her last weekend in Ohio.  I still have really good friends in Columbus, but everyone is kind of doing their own thing, and it is weird not seeing the same people you used to see on a regular basis on such a limited basis right now.  I also feel like it is more difficult to meet new people as you get older.  Not because there are fewer available social opportunities, but because older people are not in the college freshman mindset.  As annoying as those little kids can be, they are fresh out of high school, wanting to meet every and anyone, and are just beginning to experience “independence” on their own.  I think I only missed home once my entire first year.  I feel like a lot of people my age now feel that they are done with some part of their education/starting their career that they are trying to obtain the nuclear family all of sudden and I am just not quite at that level of adulthood.

Even my friends who are still in undergrad/taking 5th years still want to do the same things that is no longer possible for me to do now as a graduate student.  It is a really weird in-between.  I am an adult because I have a bachelor’s degree, but I am still a student so not quite yet an adult because I don’t have a full-time job/career.  I basically just miss my all my good friends and seeing them on a regular basis.  I was telling my mother this, and she assured me that I will make new friends (which I know because I’m fun :-)), but I am just not sure that I will make friends that are on my level of fun like my friends I made these past 4 years (or who have the mental tolerance to handle my personality).

I think the reason this ties back of envying my classmates’ “life experience” is due to the fact that I know that this happens to most people, and so the majority of them have already gone through this and moved on.  Clearly, they are not crazy friendless social pariahs, but they have already been through the phase where as I am going through it currently.  What can I say?  I have really good friends!

On another note, the stats exam that I was utterly horrified from taking last week didn’t turn out bad for the majority of the class and I did pretty well (still not good enough to teach the class yet, haha).

Also, I am sad that I no longer can watch my favorite TV show Jersey Shore until January (thank GOD), BUT at least that frees up some of my Thursday time to go to the Varsity Club FINALLY.  And my debut will be extra special because LIL WAYNE will finally be back with us in the real world.

Happy Monday!