How did dog fur end up in my coffee mug and why is there a rawhide in my shoe?!?

We begged. We pleaded. We cried. We complained. We even tried to bribe. My siblings and I asked for a pet dog for literally every birthday and Christmas for years, but the answer was always “No.” My parents are very disciplined characters who experienced the wonderful joy of raising 4 incredibly persistent and extremely stubborn children…

Having a pet is a major responsibility- one that my parents thought my siblings and I could not grasp until we were teenagers and they finally broke down and got us a dog for Christmas. Everyone fought about whose bedroom he would sleep in (I won). We anticipated that he would need to be walked and fed and played with- but we didn’t anticipate that he would run away every chance he got or that he would greet our arrival home from school every day by vomiting on the carpet… But he came to be part of the family and on occasion my mother accidentally calls my brother by the dog’s name.

Naturally, when I moved out and went off to college I decided that I wanted to get a dog of my own. But this proved to be a bit harder than I anticipated for the following reasons:

1. Pet-friendly apartments in Columbus are difficult to find

2. Affordable, pet-friendly apartments in Columbus are almost impossible to find

3. The graduate student schedule  means spending a lot of time on campus and not so much time at home

Last year I was living in a lovely, non-pet-friendly apartment and spending approximately 10 hours a day on campus. But as I said, I was a persistent and stubborn child who grew into a persistent and stubborn woman- and I was determined to get a dog. So I decided to move out of my current apartment, live with a roommate to defray the expense of living in a pet-friendly apartment, and adjust my various classes and team meetings to limit the time I spent on campus. On September 19, I went to the Franklin County Animal Shelter and adopted Penny- the new frustrating, time-consuming, friendly, adorable, and rewarding love in my life. To see all the other pups that I couldn’t smuggle out of the shelter and into my apartment, look here:

While I am so glad that I adopted Penny and confident that becoming a single mom was the right choice, balancing a new dog with graduate school has been challenging. I spend a lot more time away from campus so that she can roam around the house rather than be cooped up in her kennel- but this is difficult to do when there are team meetings and campus events that require me to be at Fisher. Getting a dog has certainly made my life more complicated, but how could you not love a face like this?:

Fur might be fashionable, but pink fleece is even better

For all the brave souls out there who want to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet while going to graduate school, I wish you luck. Columbus has a number of great dog parks, pet supply stores, and dog day care establishments. The OSU vet clinic is incredibly convenient and the student vets are very friendly and compassionate- be sure to bring your dog-baby there for check ups and vaccinations.  Anyone up for starting a Fisher College of Business doggie playgroup?