It’s The Little Things Sometimes

Whereas my classmates obviously had time to blog last week, I did not because, you know, I was actually studying (just kidding … this is a little late … I’ll have another one up by Friday)!

So as everyone said, yes, last week was difficult.  I am just going to say that mine (and my group for 863) probably sucked a little more.  Whereas last week the average first year MLHR student had a quiz and an exam, my group (Team Frat) also had a case study.  Magically, we also had to be the ones to present, too (half of MHR 863 has to give at least 1 presentation whereby the other half has to give 2 which I am, of course, in that category).  And I would say that my group probably had the toughest critics of any group presenting, which just caused even more stress.  But lo and behold, we got through with a good grade, and I got a good grade on my quiz, too.  Prof Bendapudi said that he would drop our lowest quiz to so now my self-esteem is back up with MHR 863.

Basically, all I have wanted to do is lock myself in a room and study and cut off all human interaction until I get caught up.  I actually did not even go to work on Monday, because I was not feeling good, and had ample reading I needed to catch up on for Prof Heneman’s exam tomorrow (which is once again raising my blood pressure for the week).  But my friends and family (the little things) have been able to help cheer me up this week which I will briefly explain.


My friend Christi went back home because she (amongst all of my other doomed friends who decided to major in communication) can’t find a job.  It was really good catching up with her and our friend Rachael about life in general since we never see each other (even though Rachael lives in Columbus).


Molly was one of my good friends that I made from working at the Marketplace (a good place to grab a bite to eat and where Shawn H will – to this day – tease me about).  She called me yesterday inviting me to an event her company was hosting.  I unfortunately can’t go because of class, but it was still nice hearing from her since she lives in New York and her job has her on international assignments.


My mom is always a self-esteem booster.  I called her after my stats exam, because I thought I did poorly.  Sometimes the best person for me to talk to is her when I feel like I am not smart enough to be in graduate school, because she only went to college for one year.  She was very proud of me at my graduation this year (even though she didn’t see me get my diploma because she was too hot and needed to change into something cooler but whatever), and tells me how proud she is of me even more being into graduate school.  My mom would not be able to relate to anything I am doing academically, but a lot of times when I am feeling less than adequate, I just need a push from the one person who knows that I can succeed (even more than I do).

Work has also not been terribly stressful, but it has been difficult to manage with school.  So it’s the little things … like fall photo shoots with your coworker and “Crew of One” that help to relieve stress.

Garren and Tiffany
Garren and Tiffany

Props go to Leslie (the Crew of One) for her photography skills.  As simple as this was, this made the rest of my stressful day of having to present and having a quiz in MHR 863 a bit easier to get through.

After Prof Heneman’s midterm this week, it’s HOLLAween which I am so excited for.

Well I need to study so see you in  a FEW DAYS.