cymbals, ‘dosas’ and more..

Okay, so there was a week’s gap since I last wrote anything here. Seems like eons ago. Its amazes me on how time flies when you are in the moment and still when you look back, you feel like you have been for ages. So much has happened, and so much more to come in this coming week. Here I am, just after a couple of review sessions for ‘Acconomics’.. Accounting and Economics, the two very laborious exams of the quarter.  I might probably end up like this, if I ever choose a career in Accounting..

(hope Prof. Roulstone doesn’t get the time to read this)

Ok, ok.. agreed.. his cartoon is kinda lame.. but you get the point right? On how good my accounting skills are ? Anyways, last week was eventful. Just  like any other week at Fisher. Highlight of all those was the trip that we made to Univenture, where we witnessed the latest technology to aid algae harvest, which inturn can be used in a myriad of innovative energy producing processes. I need a two page essay with a 1000 word limit, to cover what we saw and heard at Univenture. It was a cool place.

 Talking of the word ‘cool’, I never really understood the full meaning of that word, when I saw that word being randomnly used by many. I asked a few and never got a proper explanation. Now I know why. Simple.  Because you cannot really explain it.. kinda strange, but that’s how it is. Since I was enlightened with its meaning, I started using it for things I found fascinating – like the Net Impact organization. All that Net Impact OSU chapter does are in line with my interests and I find it ‘cool’.. :-). Last weekend also happened to be one of the auspicious days of the Hindu religion. In India, we have two epics, one of which is Ramayana (raa-maa-ya-na). This is a story about a young prince Rama, in line to the King’s post and his adventures in slaying the villain, Ravana. 

Its an epic.. will try and summarize it in a few lines.. Rama, the protagonist, was the eldest son in his family. So, ideally, the throne would have gone to him. Instead, his step mother wanted her son to be the king and so drives Rama and his wife off to a jungle. One of Rama’s brothers accompanies him to the jungle. During their stay there, the villain sets his eyes on Sita and abducts her to his kingdom. The rest of the story is how Rama, without deviating a bit on what’s moral and ethical, defeats the villain and brings Sita back home. Last Sunday was the day commemorating that victory. I went to a nearby temple, heard some devotional songs with cymbals and drums playing in the background, had south indian pan cakes (called dosa) and spicy chutney for dinner at a restaurant named ‘Udipi’. It was wonderful. I never thought I would have a temple to visit here. Well, that’s Columbus for you. Small but self sufficient with respect to anything that you would need.

Okay, now I need to really go and take care of my Acconomics, otherwise my concepts of supply and demand will get skewed like the understanding of Calvin here….

see you all next week! 🙂

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  1. 🙂 glad that you liked it.. whenever you are free, we should visit it sometime .. would be glad to start where Tanvi left with respect to getting people familiarised with indian cuisine.. 🙂

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