Walk for hope~~

It was a great day on Sunday: sunny, a little bit windy, but not too cold.  I wasn’t being lazy and didn’t stay in bed as I normally would on Sunday mornings. Instead I went out early for a meaningful event – the Hemophilia Walk.

I got the information about this event from one of our student organization-FisherServes.  I thought it would be a great event, thus I did some search about the event online.  Hemophilia Walk is a nationwide event, it was launched in 2008 and has been held each year since then.  This event is set up for raising people’s awareness of the disease and helping to raise funds for research, advocacy and education related to the disease.

The walk was actually a fun but also meaningful event.  Individuals, families gathered together, walking and contributing to helping the group of people in need.  This year, the walk in Columbus was held on OSU’s campus, every participant walking on the paths (one longer, the other shorter) designed by the sponsors of the event. We could choose to walk on the longer path or the shorter one.  I chose the longer one and walked for miles around the campus with a crowd of other participants.  People from different areas just grouped together, bringing their kids in wagons or taking their dogs with them, to walk for the same reason – to help find a cure for hemophilia.

I really recommend you try to attend the event next year, since it’s really wonderful to do something that helps others while you can have lots of fun.

In case you may want to know more about the walk, I included a link of its website so that you can check it out.  Have a nice week ~~