Feel pressured? Let’s go to RPAC!

As my classmates have addressed in their blogs, last week was THE busiest week since I have been here. What we went through were two exams, one presentation, and several hundred pages of reading. As very busy as I was, I didn’t feel depressed or overwhelmed at all. I have a secret method to take care of my stress. That is…going to RPAC!

I’d like to share my ‘typical’ daily schedule with you:

6:00 AM Get up, throw food into my high pressure cooker, and then shove off.

6:40 AM Take earliest UV Shuttle bus, get off at Fisher.

7:00 AM Arrive at RPAC, jogging for half an hour

7:40 AM Lift weights. Try to build some muscle, yes, *try* to …

8:20 AM Take a shower at RPAC

8:50 AM Take UV shuttle back to my apartment.

9:10 AM Reach home, have my breakfast, feeling refreshed.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Want to give it a try?