preparation for Halloween

As an international student, I honestly have no idea what exactly the Halloween holiday is until I arrived here.

However, after my first step into America, I found everything brand new and amazing. I always want to join the locals’ lives and experience unique things in this diversified country. Time flies as I have been here for one and a half month. And now Halloween is coming. With the holiday atmosphere around me everywhere, I signed up for the the Fisher College of Business Halloween party next Friday with no hesitation.

Consequently, the most important thing was to get a unique and fantastic costume. Both of my roommates and I were too excited to fall asleep last night. This morning, we went to the Halloween City store in University Village. There were various kinds of costumes, wigs and ornaments from kids to adults. First thought in my mind was to be an angel for Halloween. Therefore I selected a white dress, which symbolizes purity and perfection. After putting it on, I felt really satisfied about my choice. I cannot wait for the Halloween party on Friday!