How Can I Get Involved? Part III

On October 18, OSU announced that it had reached a new enrollment record, with 56,064 students officially enrolled on the Columbus campus . Interestingly enough, you’d never know it if you were a typical student in the Fisher College of Business.  All of our classes and meetings are in one building and most of us could spend our entire 2 years in the program within our comfortable corner of campus. Well, except for that one visit to the RPAC that occurs every January after we all make our New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape…and then don’t go back until the following January.

Getting involved in the Fisher community is a wonderful thing, but I encourage you to experience more of what Ohio State has to offer by taking a class outside of the college. Last year I took a Modern Dance course and this year I’m taking a Yoga class. You can find out more about classes in the Department of Dance here: I know students who have taken sociology, psychology, foreign language, and fine arts classes during their MLHR studies and these courses can be a great way to explore other subject areas that interest you.

Who knows? Maybe that dance class you took at OSU will get you the HR job of your dreams!

You can sign up for these courses the same way that you sign up for your other courses on BuckeyeLink, and for those who have fellowships and assistantships these courses are virtually free. While you’re learning the finance, accounting, management, and strategic skills in your business courses is what you came here for- don’t forget that you also came here to be a Buckeye! So take advantage of everything that OSU has to offer and get involved in the campus community by taking a non-business class.