Moments away from ordinary!

So this week has been a little hectic. It’s the first midterm week, as a grad student, and you can tell by everyone’s faces. Walking through the Fisher campus, a girl who I kind of know stops to chat. I’m with a group of friends walking over to get some coffee before our Statistics midterm exam. As we all go to leave, she says “Good luck on your midterms!” That was pretty nice of her, but then we stopped for a second, and were like “how did you know we had midterms?” The reply was priceless “Oh you all just looked stressed!” – That is the kind of week it has been.

However, you would never imagine this would be some of the best times I’ve had in the program so far. In this past week of studying I have learned more about my classmates than you can imagine. Pretty much every day has been a study session frenzy, so that gives you a lot of time to connect with your classmates. So on Wednesday it was nice that for a study break, I along with David, Shaun, and Wesley, went out for lunch. We headed to Upper Arlington, just a few minutes away from campus. Shaun and I decided to get my favorite, Tai’s Asian Bistro – while Wesley and David went with the exciting Italian rendition known as Piada! While the food was amazing, it was just great to connect with everyone. I learned about Shaun’s kids, and his experience getting his Master’s Degree in Higher Education. David talked about his roommate’s unique sleeping time while Wesley pretty much munched down on some Piada. While it seems brief, and I can’t really explain it, it has been these little moments away from ordinary that has made preparing for a midterm bearable. Making friendships and really connecting with each other is something that allowed me to get away from the seriousness and the pressure of the midterm.

So, yeah there is a lot of studying involved in grad school. More than I have ever done before. At the same time, it has been more fun that I have had preparing for tests before. Our study group dynamic is really fun, and something that I look forward to. So for those of you out there considering grad school, know that you will certainly have these amazing moments that make all of it worth it.