Market District by Giant Eagle in Kingsdale (Upper Arlington OH)

Do you know the first Market District by Giant Eagle opened in Columbus this month? You can see the news about Market District in the OSU newspaper, the Lantern. You can also receive the local newspapers which have Market District coupons inside.

Attracted by the colorful coupons, I went to Market District with my boyfriend this week. It is located in Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington, which is really near my house. When I entered into the store, I was slightly shocked by its design. The new store looks like the flagship of Giant Eagle. It is very big, clean, tidy. Is it a competitor of Whole Foods? The stuff were displayed like those in Whole Foods. It is promoting its own products (like Giant Eagle Tea, Giant Eagle water), which is similar to what Whole Foods does. It sells Natural Basket Milk, just like Whole Foods sells 365 Milk. I can’t stop in comparing Market District with Whole Foods.

Also I find some things to be different between Market District and Whole Foods.

1. There are some shopping baskets near the shelves in the center of Market District. I think it is a wise decision, some customers may grab a basket and buy more stuff.

2. Market District sells Asian food in one of its restaurants.

3. Some employees speak Chinese in the Sushi Bar.

4. It sells duck!!! Duck is very popular in Chinese grocery stores. Rarely can I see duck in American store.

5. It sells frog legs. I have never thought that Americans consider frog legs as food.

6. Its cakes look better than those in Whole Foods. Very pretty!

7. I personally think that Whole Foods has more decent and organic food.

I think I will visit Market District more in the future, searching for my favorite Asian products. I will also visit Whole Foods, getting organic food.

Friends, please tell me your feelings about Market District!