What Stress?

Does this resemble how you feel sometimes?

Just kidding…

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that it is midterm time from previous posts, and it seems like Gerlach is a bit busier than normal. While I am definitely someone who gets stressed out (maybe easier than some), I am trying to abide by the “Laid Back Positive Mental Attitude” philosophy. You may be wondering just what is LBPMA? Well, if it was a song, it would probably be sung by Jimmy Buffet or the Beach Boys. As a child who grew up listening to these artists, my family is big into the “laid back positive mental attitude.” How many times did I hear “Jamie, have a positive mental attitude!” growing up? Way TOO many – it drove me NUTS. However, in weeks like this and next, I think that might just be the best way to deal with stress – at least for me.

Weeks like these next two make me thankful for a lot of things such as: friends, family, caffeine, and blue skies. Friends and family are probably the best because you can rely on them to pick you up when you are struggling and offer those little encouragements that help you to remember why you are here (as in studying at 3 AM on a Sunday). And, I am really excited to have my family come this weekend – even though technically it is in the MIDDLE of crunch time.

A lot of posts have been about how great and helpful all of our classmates are, and I think these crunch times really show it. I know I have received A LOT of help from classmates recently when trying to learn Stats and Accounting. I honestly would be struggling so much if without the generosity of people here. Yes, we are still in a competitive environment, but even so, kindness and compassion are clearly present. At the graduate student lounge this weekend there were quite a few groups of people working together helping each other, and I know that a lot of people donated their time to help others whether it be one-on-one tutoring or in a study group setting. So often, I have heard stories about how some schools have the culture where competition thrives to the point that relationships fail. I am thankful that Fisher is a school that encourages hard work and competitiveness but also establishes a strong community where goodwill for each other thrives.

So, whether it be applications, midterms, projects or papers, take time to appreciate the good around you and try to embrace the laid back positive mental attitude way – or at least the Positive part.

Take a break to have some fun!

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